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DMCA Takedown

Efficiently takedown infringing content with our DMCA Takedown service.

Trademark Infrinegment

Safeguard your brand’s identity with our Trademark Infringement monitoring service.

Counterfeit Removals

Remove counterfeit products and protect your brand’s image with our Counterfeit Removal service.

Why do you need DMCA Services?

Your content is your intellectual asset. You can not let bandits get away with it!

  • Increase in revenue - No more financial losses due to unauthorized use of your content.

  • Maintaining control over your intellectual property - Whats yours is yours!

  • Protect and Build your brand - Only YOU decide where and how your content should be presented.

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Whichever industry you belong to, we have got your back. We have satisfied clients from several industry verticals and you have nothing to worry about.

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  • Digital Courses & Online Education Providers

  • Ecommerce industry.

  • Blogs and News

  • The entertainment industry and Artists

  • Digital Artists

  • Video content creators

  • Software Applications

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Online Education

Dr. Najeeb Lectures

"Thanks to DMCA Desk, my lectures are now shielded from content theft. Their rapid response and expertise ensure my intellectual property remains secure, giving me peace of mind to focus on creating quality medical lectures."

Dr. Najeeb

CEO - Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Digital Course

Contrarian thinking

"DMCA Desk has really helped me protect my content from being stolen. Their timely efforts to take down stolen content from illegal websites have given me confidence in creating fresh content for my paid users."

Codie Sanchez

CEO - Contrarian thinking


Creative QT

"DMCA Desk team is very professional. They are always on top of their game and they really know what works in DMCA and what doesn't. As an e-commerce brand I'd totally recommend working with them if you want to keep your brand creatives safe from copycats."

Adam Hinkle

CEO - Creative QT